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However it’s important to know that domestic violence impacts on all communities and cultures.

Myth: Violent men are violent in their relationships because they are stressed.

This can sometimes occur without your knowing, such as personal information being posted on websites and tracking devices being installed in cars and mobile phones eg GPS, spyware, listening devices, hidden cameras, and keystroke-logging hardware.

Certain cultural groups may get more media exposure on the issue of Domestic Violence, and some communities have higher rates of Domestic and Family Violence specifically areas of economic or social disadvantage (Flood 2007).

Abuse can be difficult to identify, because an abusive person doesn't always act this way. But if you often feel afraid of upsetting your partner, and change what you do to avoid their anger, then this is a sign that you are being abused. Injured you by causing bruises, cuts, broken bones, slapping, punching, pushing, choking, being threatened or injured with objects/weapons, destroying or damaging property.

This has links with sexual abuse, but is uniquely related to women’s (particularly young women’s) ability to control their own reproductive health, eg for example, use or non-use of contraception/ contraceptive method, forcing you to make decisions around pregnancy and/or termination, and having little say in the number and timing of your children.

A Victorian study in 2004 by VIC Health found that violence against women is the leading contributor to death, disability and illness in Victorian women aged 15-44, being responsible for more disease burden that many well-known preventable risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking and obesity.

Myth: Domestic and family violence only happens in certain cultures or communities.

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