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While neighboring Poles and Czechs frequently travelled to Eastern Bloc beach destinations such as Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, East Germans’ freedom of movement was relatively curtailed.It’s not always easy to feel that you’ve left office or factory life behind when you’ve only traveled 50 miles or less down the road.

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But before we look at how things are changing, we need to look at how a practice that would seem relatively taboo in contemporary North America became so widely accepted in the first place.Tourists making their initial visit to Germany sometimes do a double-take the first time they they see a naked person. They do it on on beaches, by lakes, and in heavily frequented urban parks in Berlin and Munich.It’s not unheard of to see unclothed people on regular park lawns or topless on balconies.The official beginning of naturism’s modern German revival, however, dates to 1898, when the first naturist association was founded in the city of Essen.Intertwined with 20th-century movements aspiring to promote public health, the idea in an age of heavy clothing and smoky urban air was primarily to help people escape from unhealthy, polluted cities.

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