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- Completely ghost me as soon as they no longer need help with English.Some of these are people I considered good friends, so it sucks when they just don't want to give you the time of day once you have served your "use" to them.In my own experience, my messages (polite, thoughtful, interested in their hobbies) have a response rate somewhere around 20% on a good day.And that's including the ones who chat with you for the day and then pretend you are dead.The community has become a vapid cesspit of pervs, narcissists and scammers.

A few years ago he made up a story about having severe family problems, and he... He could easily post any messages he liked this way, as he couldn't be blocked.As for the language parasites that others have referred to (albeit more politely than I), the struggle is real.I have had dozens of people who I have been helping with their English for months or years (during regular conversation): - Demand that I write an essay for them.So if you are a "good" penpal who writes long, well-thought-out messages to people who you believe you could become friends with, I'd advise not to bother.The simple fact that half of your messages never even get read, and of the ones that are, you get a response to 2 in 5, makes the whole exercise a colossal waste of time.

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