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"I just think that sometimes he acts out of self-interest, and it's bad for other people. We're all shitty people on some level."In person, Alvarez is pensive and deliberate, taking more time with his sentences than the characters on the show.

Born in Manhattan, he grew up in rural Tennessee—"I was called faggot a lot in middle school"—and came out in his junior year of high school, just before attending North Carolina School for the Arts, a boarding school where he met his first boyfriend.

We start out with some sexy kissing and then quickly progress to me sucking his cock. He bends me over on the bed and fucks me from behind, so you get to see my big ass bouncing! Recently I have been going through lots of old video footage. He owned a prosperous landscaping company was always in shape because of the work he did.About to head to her house to play an intentionally stereotypical gay best friend to get her one-night stand to leave, he hangs up and exclaims, "Oh my god, my car is such a fucking joke." Soon, he's cruising with his head out the window, the Four Tops' "Loco in Acapulco" blaring as he makes waves through the air with his hand.What makes Caleb Gallo so compelling, though, is its ability to go from shallow to deep at a moment's notice, occupying a surrealist vision of Los Angeles where mistakes don't necessarily have consequences and betrayals are somewhat instantly forgiven.They present a spectrum of gender and sexuality that is rarely represented in such a nonchalant way."I try to make Caleb a big mess and something I like right now is that Caleb fucks up and is fucked up in real ways that aren't really fully redeemable," Alvarez says.

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