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UPDATE: Rathbun has posted another video (“Going Clear, Part 16”), and it continues the accusation that Wright, describing Beghe’s involvement, is being deceptive about what Haggis knew of Beghe’s status as a defector.

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Before Marty published my resignation letter on his blog, I sent him an edited version, deleting about a page, which involved something personal that my daughters would not want to have shared with the world — not about them personally, but about a friend and Scientologist who said some cruel things about them.Bemusement because Marty mistakes and conflates different events.Disappointment because I had considered Marty to be a good acquaintance.Paul Haggis tells us that Rathbun is right about that, and Rathbun does deserve credit — but that it was Paul’s own decision to keep that from Wright.Last night, we described to Haggis what Rathbun had said in his latest video (“Going Clear, Part 15”), about Wright omitting Rathbun’s role, and a claim about Haggis asking Rathbun to hold back something about his daughters.

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