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It’s important to remember that chat can't offer crisis support or professional medical advice and we have a few limitations around particular issues that we’d ask you to keep in mind: Sex – Chat’s not a place to hook up or brag about your sexual encounters.

Asking about bedroom antics, STIs or contraception is all okay.

All chats are moderated by a mixture of paid staff and volunteer mods.

Their role is to oversee the group and to make sure that everyone is adhering to the guidelines so the chat remains a safe and welcoming space.

It’s okay to respectfully tell people what you struggle with (e.g.

“I struggle with binge-eating”), but please avoid sharing specifics about your weight, calorie counts or details of any behaviours (such as what or how much you've been eating or drinking).

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Chat is a group environment – I’m prepared for a bit of give and take and I’ll help to include everyone.Moderators are trained in offering emotional support, listening, signposting (sharing links to resources online) and managing the group.They are not expert advisers and cannot provide 1-2-1 support.We would involve you in any intervention and only carry it through if the circumstances were extreme.The general rule is that what is said in chat stays in chat as it says in the Group Agreement.

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