Starmate r stuck on updating channels

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Listen to your favorite episodes from our catalog whenever you want, on demand.You can even store select episodes to compatible devices.Whether on the app, online or on a wide variety of smart TVs, home audio systems and media players, you'll always have the world of Sirius XM at your fingertips. Streaming is included with every All Access subscription, including complimentary vehicle trials.Try it now: Get My Username & Password If you don't already have Streaming and would like a FREE trial, please see OFFER DETAILS below.When I contacted Sirius, they admitted that its antennas do "wear out" after a couple of years and need to be replaced.Seems to us they should offer these replacements free of charge to continuing subscribers, but they disagree.I plan to install a parrot mk6100 with a2dp audrio, in order to play on thar system music from my cellphone.... Or Does my mobile phone or parrot mk6100 will be a bottleneck? Question 2: I hear heavy metal and power metal, and I dislike rap and other busic that makes the speakers vibrate BROOOM.... Listen Now Hear the best Sirius XM has to offer, anywhere life takes you.

If you decide to continue service after your trial, the subscription plan you choose will automatically renew and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. To cancel you must call us at See our Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy for complete terms. This offer is available only in USA to those providing valid contact information. When I complained to Sirius, I was offered a brand new radio with all the trimmings for only net cost. Since it’s solid state, the presumption is that, unless I put it into a blender, it’ll continue to work just fine. Are they churning the system to make perfectly good receivers obsolete?The fact that the problem occurs only between 01 AM Eastern time convinces me that it’s not my equipment, but Sirius’s equipment or Sirius’s finagling.I have a chronic problem with Sirius signal degradation and unending “acquiring signal” display and it always occurs between 01 AM Eastern time. Are Sirius engineers tweaking the satellite when they think fewer people are listening?Are they trying to update software that will put older, but still working receivers out of business?

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