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I went in and it was like a scene from Schindler's List as I've never seen so many old, ugly men all stood about totally naked desperately wanking their cocks hard.I sat down on this horrible brown leather settee and was told to undress and wait, I was also offer viagra for £5 a pill.Your heart can feel “warm”, you can have short jabbing pains, the pain may radiate to your arms and back, your chest muscles may vibrate, the muscles under your arm pits may be affected, etc. So cut the worry off as it were and do what you must to be reassured. And for a good explanation about the difference between heart attack and benign chest pain click here.Check the press tomorrow, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Metro and Salisbury Journal. He certainly is older than his fab profile allows him to say.

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It's all in black and white on the newspaper printout in the above link It's well known in the area, I posted a link to a photocopy of the original article, but it was hosted on someones facebook page and so, apparently "not allowed"....I have had this particular problem myself for about 2 years.And although you never get used to it, you can relax your attitude toward it.This is exactly why it is so important to see your doctor if you are experiencing new or different types of chest pain.Once you have been checked out however you should relax and accept that not all chest pain is heart related.

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